What's Included

  • Monthly group coaching for those responsible for cybersecurity

    Participate in a monthly group coaching session with Cheri and other like-minded business leaders. You'll get answers for your challenges and maturity. Feel more confident talking about cybersecurity to the Board, investors, and other Executives.

  • Cybersecurity support year round so you're never on your own

    Receive support all month long by sending an email or posting to the private group so you don't waste hours trying to figure something out when either Cheri or other group members know the answer to help you right away.

  • Discounts for training and priority for services

    For when you might need some cybersecurity help, training resources are available at a discount, as well as 1-on-1 Advisory coaching priority with Cheri, and Hotman Group's hands-on vCISO services

Sign up if...

  • You are responsible for cybersecurity in your organization

  • You are new to being responsible for cybersecurity

  • You are willing and able to invest time and money to ensure you handle your responsibility seriously

  • You understand cybersecurity is an ever-changing area that requires consistent commitment to stay on top of it

  • You are a person of integrity who maintains confidentiality always

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